Post COVID Pandemic, the pace of change in advertising & marketing is going to get much faster. Tech companies and consultancies will encroach on creative agencies, production houses will build direct relationships with clients; and in-housing will happen fast. And, with the abrupt technology penetration; agencies will be in no position to upskill/replace their conventional and loyal resources in this fragmented media landscape. Right now, there's no advertising agency in India that can provide complete/holistic solutions to the brands who have the risk of losing their brand identity in case they hire different agencies for different platforms.

It’s never been so complex but here's an opportunity to build an innovative agency solution by restructuring the agency model for reinventing the relationship between brands and the servicing agency, to be ahead of clients and the competition.

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Rejuvenated Partners Advertising Agency Model

India's first integrated advertising and communications business is a unique Partnership Model, where we be able to build seamless teams around the different communication needs of each of our clients. We will have different Front Offices across India each lead by seasonal Client Servicing Professionals (or a Boutique Branch Agency or a Marketing Agency). These professionals/team will be responsible for winning new business, creating the culture, recruiting the best talent, overseeing the creative, managing clients and dictating the strategy.

Partners Centers of Excellence will be housing experienced talent from all disciplines - including creative, media, content, and data - who work in close collaboration under one roof, offering our clients a powerful combination of creative excellence, scale, agility, and innovation. This will work as Partners CPU (Central Processing Unit) which will execute the assignments on a standard tariff/pre-approved budgets of Front Officers. Now, Front Offices don't need to hire people with a diverse range of skills directly at their respective geographies.

To have other non-essential services related to execution of assignments like Regional Production Houses, Event Management Resources and other BTL activities; a MOU will be signed with selected partners all across India. They will be listed with "Our Partners Directory" and we shall be treated as Backend Partners.

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Our ambition is to be a home for fabulously talented people across India, a rewarding happy place to work at, and proud business partners to work with.Integrated Together as Partners, we will boast an unparalleled service offering complete advertising & marketing solutions. With our common innovative marketing programs, all Front Offices shall be optimized in this digital space for more opportunities, activations and rewards.

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